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Creating a Cosy Outdoor Living Area with a Pergola

A pergola is a stylish addition to an outdoor space. This is used to create shade and it will be a focal point where you can entertain and relax. You can transform your outdoor area into a cosy space with a well-designed pergola.

You can look into work completed by Prestige decks and pergolas Melbourne if you are interested in adding a pergola to your home. They can advise you regarding the planning, design and execution. You have to choose the right location for the pergola and this means taking into account proximity to your home, sunlight exposure, views and levels of privacy. You can position the pergola so that it will provide shade during the hottest parts of the day. But make sure that it will still bring natural light to the outdoor space. Think about the scenic views you get in the yard. There can be mountains in the background, water features in the garden etc. that you can use to create focal points when positioning the pergolas. If privacy is an important concern, you can have the pergola in a secluded area. You can also use privacy screens, landscape or curtains to create a space that is more intimate. You need to have easy access from the home to the pergola. This has to be a seamless transition between the indoor living spaces and outdoor living.

Think about the structure of the pergola.

The size and scale has to be proportionate to the setting. Think about how you plan to use this space. You need to consider how much space you need for seating, dining, or lounging so that you can come up with a rough area. Then there are different pergola materials to choose from. You have to consider the architecture of your home and outdoor conditions of the location when choosing materials. Some options that you can consider are metal, wood and vinyl. Vinyl is a great option for low maintenance pergolas. The style of the pergola has to match your personal taste and outdoor decor. In traditional pergolas, you can findopen beams and rafters but there are minimal elements in modern designs.

Think about the roof options as well.

This has to suit your climate and desired ambiance. You can have an open lattice so that you have partial shade. For a more flexible option, you can consider retractable canopies so that coverage can be controlled. There are solid roofs as well so that you can have complete weather protection. You need to choose comfortable furniture that is durable so that it will encourage your family and friends to relax and socialise. The seating arrangement has to foster conversation and you can choose lounge chairs, sofas or built-in benches. These can be arranged at theperimeter of the pergola. To add to the comfort of the space, you can have cushions and pillows. These can be done in weather-resistant fabrics. The colours and patterns chosen for this should match your outdoor decor.